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Tasty Initiative for a Healthy Kochi

The modern lifestyle and eating habits are the root cause for nutrition deficiency, immunity deficiency and hormonal imbalance seen among the residents of Kerala, especially Kochi. So it is high time to find a proper solution for the nutritional needs of Kochi. Healthy diet is a cloud kitchen initiative to make healthy foods available to all the people in Kochi at a reasonable price.


Everything Below Tastes Different, Even It Has One Common Flavour - Good Health

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Hawaiian Salad

Bowl of mix lettuce, peppers, pineapples- creamy mayonnaise dressing

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Summer Fruits and veggies

Seasonal tropical Mix fruit cuts e Dill yoghurt dressing

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Sweet Potato and Pepper Salad

Waist Watchers Combination of boiled peanut & sweet potato and peppers – Olive oil Vinaigrette

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Tossed Salad

Crispy Lettuce, veggies, olives –Vinaigrette Dressing

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Lettuce and Shrimp in Cocktail Dressing

Chilled bay shrimp mixed with mix lettuce and colour lettuce – cocktail dressing

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Mediterranean Grilled Salad

Plate grilled provincial Mediterranean veggies, parmesan cheese shavings- balsamic dressing

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Mixed Dried Fruit. broccoli and cauliflower Salad

Florets of Broccoli, Cauliflower, mixed with dried fruits, seeds –Ranch Dressing

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Pasta Salad

Pasta cuts with cut of exotic veggies –Cocktail Dressing

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Quinoa, Apple, Cucumber and Scallion

Combination of Quinoa, Apple, mix veggies, pickled gherkins and olives – Olive Oil Vinaigrette dressing

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Avocado Ceviche

Exotic Mix of English veggies and avocado –lemon Olive oil dressing

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Greek Farmhouse Salad

Crunchy Lettuce, Mix peppers & olives, baby Cucumber, cherry tomato, Greek feta cheese

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Premium range of salads from Healthy Diet

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Indian Char Grilled Pepper Salad

Smoky -Spicy tikka spices chicken and veggies –Indian lemon chilly coriander dressing

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Waldorf Salad

Classic bowl of apples, green apples, lettuce, celery and walnuts – creamy mayo dressing

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Greek Salmon salad

Classic Greek salad topped with grilled chunk of Norwegian salmon fillet

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What Makes a Real Healthy Diet?

Finest Quality Ingredients

All Vegetables used are sourced fresh from farms and planters. No preservatives, no extra colours, no MSG etc., are added to our range. Clinically proven and certified ingredients are only used. Extra Virgin Oil, Himalayan Rock salt, Apple Cider Vinegar etc., are a few to mention. Extra virgin oils, most of the cheeses, all types of vinegar including red wine vinegar imported from Italy, Spain and Greece, olive oil is by the Italian brand Clarita, Salmon imported from Norway!! Only country chicken meat is used in our salads, not broiler chicken meat. All sauces are prepared in-house with the best quality ingredients under expert supervision.

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Unparalleled Hygiene

Salads are prepared in our State of Art - top line kitchen in the most hygienic environment. We are using the robotic vacuum and floor mopping system for the cleaning procedure. The inside air is kept clean using advanced air purifiers. The entry into our cloud kitchen is restricted to persons with proper food handlers protection gears. We use a veg wash system for washing the ingredients and alkaline water and RO water for the salad preparation.

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Quality with Versatility

Experienced and renowned Chef in charge of our kitchen assures international standards and quality. We prepare salads using an air fryer, instead of oil frying. Wide range of salads to choose from, be it for Calorie Watchers, Weight Shedders, Energy Boosters, High Protein-Low Fat, Fibre-Rich Salads and our speciality Make your own salads

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Packed for Health

All packing materials used are of approved food grade. Care is taken at every stage so that kitchen fresh salad reaches the customers in 100% safety and freshness.

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Expert Nutritionist and quality controller to ensure a ‘Healthy’ Diet

Healthy diet has the unique advantage of having an in-house nutritionist.
For the first time ever in India, a salad house will have a full time nutritionist who shall overlook every recipe to make sure that you get the best nutrition. The ‘Healthy’ part of our brand name is reassured with her expert supervision by taking into account the nutritional contents, quality and calories of each component. Expert advice can be taken from our Nutritionist at +918129450131 by call or walk-in between 9 AM to 5 PM on all working days.


Our Founder - A Visionary With Determination

I found most people are ignorant to the fact that the rising number of lifestyle diseases among Keralites are due to our unhealthy food culture. I was a victim of this faulty food habit. After 30 years of being a diabetic, I realized the importance of adapting to a healthy food habit. Now my health and overall wellbeing have so much improved after starting this healthy food habit. Even the highly educated young generation of Kerala is craving processed food. People usually blame this on today’s fast-paced lifestyle and the unavailability of so-called healthy food. So I understood that it is high time to build a healthy food culture here rather than wait for people to change.
Healthy Diet is my humble initiative to create awareness and build a healthy food culture by providing healthy salads for people. Healthy Diet salads will be made with a completely hygienic process using high-quality ingredients. Together we can create a healthy future for all of us.

Mr. T.A. Joseph


Our Pillars - A Combination of Efficiency and Expertise

" It is high time to build a salad culture in Kochi. The fast paced lifestyle does not permit everyone to make healthy salads at home. So this initiative is a very good opportunity for Kochi to adopt a healthy eating culture. "

Dr.A.SreekumarM.B.B.S; D.L.O; FACNEM; FINEM; FSAAARMM Nutrition Specialist and Advisor,
Founder & Managing Director of Wellness Solutions India

“It's no longer tasty food to healthy food with good taste. In the past years there has been a paradigm shift happening in food culture, and as a chef, connoisseur I should say this initiative of Healthy Diet is a lifestyle changer for the people of Cochin. Quality healthy meals at affordable prices by compiling all hygienic standards!! It's fortunate to be a part of this initiative.”

Chef Sanjeev Kamath 17+ years of expertise as a chef & food consultant, associated with international & national brands.

“According to Ayurveda, "Ahara" (diet) and "Anna" (food) are the means for good life, health and wellness. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in healthy living. Healthy Diet is a hygienic and easy way to get all the nutritions you need. This is the need of the hour. I am really happy and proud to be a part of this great initiative.”

Simona Adriana Gerber Salad Consultant,
Ayurveda & Yoga practitioner.

Something new is coming your way.....

We are super excited to showcase our new ground breaking product which is a fine blend of Innovation and Nutrition. Feeling Hungry?......Not anymore!......We are proud to launch our new Automated Salad Dispensing Machine. Feel like having a quality meal like Salad? No worries! Just select the salad you want and will be served in no time! It is time to change the way how food is prepared and served via automation. We are in collaboration with Robotronix Automation Solution for launching this new innovation! Robotronix Automation Solution is an pioneer in providing cutting-edge solutions for automation sector. With their unique expertise in robotics and automation we joined hands with them in accomplishing this new feat…. Stay Tuned….


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    Nidhi AatmikaNidhi Aatmika
    16:51 18 Mar 22
    This place is a lit for health conscious people like me. You get a huge variety of healthy salads (veg and non veg), smoothies, juices etc. You can also take a monthly packages where they guide you for the best diet that suits you (pregnancy diet, working women diet etc). They have great knowledge about salads and diets.The staff is courteous, humble and they vibe beautifully. You will love their presence. They serve with love and give extra care to their customers.It was not crowded, probably during day time it must be crowded. The place is clean and hygiene is well maintained. You can see the kitchen and can have a look on how they are preparing your order by scanning the baroda on the menu (livestreaming is available).I suggested them to start alkaline diet and include more alkaline salads (based on dr. Sebi) and I would love to visit here daily if they can include it)Fully satisfied with the experience I earned there with the staff, food and ambience
    श्री Serश्री Ser
    10:34 20 Jan 22
    The top most salads makers in kochi hygiene is important thing that is noticed top best hygiene kitchen which i seen in kochi the quality of the salads are very much better the other salad makers in kochi
    Cyril johnCyril john
    14:54 14 Dec 21
    What shall I say of this place! This is the place where you get the healthy foods. I love the meal 'Mix as you like it'. It is of good quantity and really good taste. Very much happy in heart to eat such a healthy and delicious food. They always give sauce with the meal so that it will be delicious.
    bharath chandranbharath chandran
    09:46 12 Oct 21
    One of the best upcoming Salad places in Kochi Salads being my go-to food irrespective of diet, you have brought it out in just the right way! Kudos.. I look forward to discovering all your salads! Super healthy Salads with generous portions. Definitely recommend it to salad lovers.
    Jiss Peter-AnoobJiss Peter-Anoob
    13:05 01 Sep 21
    I have ordered from Healthy diet few times now and I'm really impressed with everything about them. The vegetables that come in the pack is so fresh and that's the best feel for me . It comes with a good package and the dip is also yummy. I love the pasta and egg combo the most. All the best Healthy diet. Keep going