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I found most people are ignorant to the fact that the rising number of lifestyle diseases among Keralites are due to our unhealthy food culture. I was a victim of this faulty food habit. After 30 years of being a diabetic, I realized the importance of adapting to a healthy food habit. Now my health and overall wellbeing have so much improved after starting this healthy food habit. Even the highly educated young generation of Kerala is craving processed food. People usually blame this on today’s fast-paced lifestyle and the unavailability of so-called healthy food. So I understood that it is high time to build a healthy food culture here rather than wait for people to change.

Meal Plan
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A Healthy mother is a Healthy child

A healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy is essential to support optimal growth and development of the fetus and the physiological changes that occur in the mother. Our Dietician curated customized Pregnancy Diet Plan factors and adheres to fundamental aspects of healthy dietary behaviors and practices during pregnancy.

A Diet plan contains optimal amounts of energy as well as macro and micronutrients, achieving appropriate weight gain, adhering to general and pregnancy-specific food safety recommendations, and avoiding ingestion of harmful substances.

Meal Plan
Starting @ RS.420/-

Diabetes Meal PlanKeeps Diabetes Under Control

Our Dietician curated Diabetes Meal Plan – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner makes sure that a person is getting their daily nutritional needs round-the-clock. It also ensures variety and helps you lose weight.

Additionally, our Diabetes Meal Plan helps to keep a tab of your carbs and calories, besides making healthy eating more interesting by introducing some new varieties to the diet.

Meal Plan
Starting @ RS.420/-
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